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Our mission is to provide natural health care solutions, quality products, services, therapies, educational programs and business opportunities to the public at large. We are offering a totally new and complete approach to well-being presented in a unique manner. We will provide you with real solutions and pure plant supplementations for weight management and health problems as well as long term solutions, which will enhance the quality of your life.

Along with the proven effects of having a life filled with the joyous well-being of being in complete control and easily applying principles that will result in disease free longevity – one can also secure a living environment with less stress, more peace of mind, unique and vastly improved healthier lifestyles, and of course a more blissful connection with the entire world around us. By living naturally and healthfully while in complete harmony with nature and the world around us, one can be empowered and enabled to rejuvenate your body and reach your full and complete health potential.

Natural Hygienic Health is to be viewed as a lifestyle that promotes healthy living, emotional well-being, sound ecological behavior, and an important quality of life for all. Natural Hygienic Health as a philosophy basically recognizes that human bodies are self-sufficient and capable of maintaining perfect health and freedom from illness and disease if all the basic needs are properly met. Natural Hygienic Health really encompasses everything we need to nutritionally support ourselves in order to promote good health.

To achieve a sound basis for the principles of natural health and hygiene, and a strong working knowledge of its application, individuals should follow a path which explores many opinions on the subject. Every educational or mind-expanding process is a process of evolution. What is not understood today can be crystal clear tomorrow.

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Our vision in offering many new and exciting programs is our bold new model that suggests alternative ways of living, primarily through self-responsibility, whereby difficulties are resolved where more basic human needs are addressed. The vision behind our programs is to understand the concepts of illness and health in order to unfold the causes and not only symptoms. The study program offers to the public a profound wisdom in a form that everybody can appreciate.

Our methodology is to emphasize the direct effect of food and natural supplements on an individual’s health. Our approach is to explain the general principles of healthy eating, relation of diet to illness, and how the active components of natural foods, supplements and/or herbs work. The major purpose is to give practical guidelines and approaches on how healthy eating can alleviate a variety of health issues. The concepts and practices that we teach are the reflection of the growing trend of alternative therapies and their relationship to medicine.

The idea is not about challenging medical practices, but rather the emphasis is on balancing the body’s natural abilities to prevent illness. It is now well recognized that we can improve our health by making certain changes in our lifestyle, diet, exercise, and stress reduction.

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